Adelbert's Can Design
This is a project done for Adelbert's Brewery in Austin, TX. We were tasked with doing market research and creating an image that was consistent with their current brand while adding a more playful tone to attract people to the cans while on the shelf in stores. We determined strong, bold, and bright colors were going to be the only departure from the more traditional tan and brown branding of Adelbert's that was needed to create interest. Each can has it's own two colors complimented by white and the natural can color.
Development Process of the Naked Nun Can
We went through more than a few iterations of the first can. Below you can see some of the development and ideas we went through before settling on the design you see above. Once we had this can down the others came together fairly easily with just the icons going through an iterative process.
This label has been announced but not printed yet

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