Finally getting around to developing my own site. I've struggled in my personal web presence over the years. If you google my name you'll find the first few pages of Google are littered with tons of websites, blogs, portfolios, etc.... of things I haven't kept up with or abandoned. My website has gone through over half a dozen iterations. Should I focus on photography? And if so, what part of photography should be the primary focus? Or should I focus on design? Or should it just be a blog for my thoughts? Well, I've decided to finally make my website my home.

I will write about whatever I feel like in this space. It may be photo essays. It may be a review of a movie I liked or an app I thought was really useful. I'll talk about struggles running a business. If you want to see anything I've done it'll be here. There will be links to my business, my personal projects, and my social presence. This is my home and I'll decorate it how I want, not how I think I should so people will think I'm good at photography or web design or anything else.

Enjoy! or don't, it's really up to you.